Uganda has been a ministry outreach for David McDonald Ministries since 2003.
Since then we have visited twice a year planting churches and training leaders.


This year we took 20 people from around the world. It’s always a joy to see the warm response we receive from all our pastors and church families in Uganda and this year was so special for us as we conducted a 3-day conference for leaders from all over the region and we had 300 in total coming to the conference. We also conducted a 4-day crusade in the area that we are building our church headquarters and saw over 300 souls saved. The biggest highlight on this trip was visiting the village churches.

One of our many Highlights’ this year was John and Iesha Schreiner that joined us from North Palm Church in North Charleston, SC. They had an opportunity to speak to the youth and young couples. It was great to see the young people respond to the message on purity. Hopefully, we can have John and Iesha back every year.

I’m always deeply impacted by the children on our ministry trips; and as a ministry, we have over 500 orphans that are part of our ministry in Mable. There are many more in the churches in the regional area. On this trip I was so blessed by the generosity of Pastor Terry and Margo from Kentucky who brought dresses for the little girls as well as clothing for the boys. On the last day all the little children had their new clothing on and sang to us. It was such a blessing.

The team from Seattle were also so generous and brought toys and coloring in books and blessed the children in villages we went to. Our vision in Uganda is to see every child embraced, loved, and given the best opportunity to succeed.

Over the last 17 years we have seen over 50 churches planted and many hundreds of leaders
trained to go into the cities and outlying areas of Uganda to plant churches and do crusades as we believe that Uganda will impact the nations she borders with. One of the exciting initiatives on this trip was Apostle Ki Coleman’s implementation of micro business for our leaders wanting to start little businesses in and around Mable. The first business started will be a shirt making business. We are about to start a bakery in the next week or so. The purpose of me taking teams is not only for them to experience the culture and people but also have those on the team engage in ministry. It’s been a blessing to see so many people over the years step up into their individual assignments as they encounter God and see their ministry affect people.

Our ministry in Uganda has been headed up by Apostle Richard Gad that has been in covenant with me for over 17 years. He has such heart for his nation and it’s a joy to see his passion in bringing reformation to Uganda.

As you have read this update of the recent mission Uganda trip, I am sure your heart was
stirred. You began to ask yourself, “What if I went, what could I do to help, COULD…. GOD use Me?” Every person has the capacity to be a part of Missions Uganda. Everyone can pray, and, we need prayer warriors all year long. Most can help with one time or monthly financial support to keep the ministry moving forward. Yes, and you can even go to Uganda to help us spread the love of Jesus. I encourage you to seek the presence of Lord and make that decision that Isaiah made after he was asked by God, “Who will go for Us?” and respond, “Here am I. Send me”.

How will you change lives for the Kingdom of God? Pray, Give, Go.