Please enjoy a testimony from our NCAC Apostles Todd and Sandra Smith:


In 2015 – the Lord began to reveal to us that we need to step further out of our comfort zone and as He was taking the ministry to a whole different level.  We knew there was something greater but never fathomed what He had in store.

The Lord began to show us that there was a building that was being assigned to us – that it was already done in the spirit and to believe for it.  He even went as far to say that the building would be used very differently and not as your typical church building or a place just to have services.  It would be used more for healing and deliverance in a different way.

As we began to pray and fast about it – the Lord would confirm the vision He was down loading through many powerful prophetic voices. Yet, we still questioned about how we would do this, about what exactly He wanted us to do and even about secular work.

In 2016, we hosted a prophetess and in the midst of the service the Lord spoke to us through her and she confirmed all that He was saying about the building.  She knew nothing about it. But, she sure released a powerful word right from the airwaves of heaven and we were submersed under the blanket of His glory.  We knew we now had to step out and start looking.  We went to many facilities, but just kept remembering that God said it would be different!  Nothing we saw was different.  We also had more confirmation through the scriptures and more prophetic words, and so we just knew that God had it ordained and were just to follow and pursue.

It was in the spring of 2017 that Sandra was invited to do a Women’s conference back where she grew up on the farm – Waterford, Ontario.  Well a women’s conference back there meant going back to things, memories, places and people that I knew I wanted to forget totally about.  Much of the pain in my life was experienced on the farm and although I honestly thought I had dealt with it all – I knew I hadn’t went I announced to the Shammah team that there was no way I would ever go back there.  I fought with God – He urged me to obey and after many whining sessions – I said ok.  At this time, my father was still alive.  So in June, I not only did the Women’s Conference but I went back to my home there and God totally healed me of all the hurt and pain that I thought I dealt with.  He knew what I needed in order for Him to continue to show us the vision and to step into our destinies by faith and the land which He was choosing!

Well, two weeks after the Women’s Conference, a pastor from the area there had heard about what happened and all that God did at the Conference – invited us to come back in October to do a two conference days at the same place.  By this time, I am really questioning God and saying…. Ok God – what is this about?  However we accepted as He wanted it and back again….

During this time period we kept on about the vision and continued to look for a place for the ministry.  We also came to the North Palm Conference and again the prophetic words were bang on and “the building” was the core of many of them. It was also specifically prophesied in North Palm by Stephanie Vickers (we have it recorded) that she was hearing God say that the promised land and building would be by December of 2017.  We could not believe it, but hung on to the Word.  Apostle David McDonald also prophesied about a building twice now and we have hung on and prayed and warred over all the words spoken over the years.

We also were in the midst of our prophetic journeys with Apostle Angela and the things God revealed through the journey was incredible.  To be specific, Apostle Angela spoke to us about her journey with the home project and we took those scriptures in Nehemiah as well and delve into biblical strategies with a surrounding of prayer and fasting.  She also said by the Spirit of God that Todd had an inheritance coming and that we needed to be careful how we used it but it was for this time and season and the promised land.  We had no idea what that meant at the time because Todd’s parents had already passed, and an inheritance that he got from an aunt and uncle was given to him in 2008, so there was nothing on the horizon or in the family for any type of an inheritance!!  But we did not let the word go and we kept on it. Today we understand it as it was that inheritance that we invested in 2009-not only into a savings acount, but we bought a piece of property with it too that we just sold as of April 30 2018 and that savings investment and profit from the cottage from that inheritance has allowed us to get this place and step into the promised land. That was the inheritance that was prophesied about by Apostle Angela! We could not see it then!!  We still have a huge mortgage but Gods vision .. Gods provision by faith!

Now – here is the confirmation part of the vision…. I was asked by a Christian radio host to share MY testimony on her Christian radio program.  I accepted the invitation and when I stepped into the station, the woman that was interviewing me looked at me and asked where I was from.  I said that i was born in the city of Hamilton, but raised in this area on the farm in Waterford.  As soon as I said that – she got an excited expression on her face!

It was later revealed during coffee after the interview – where this woman asked me to please stay as she had something to share with me.


It went something like this:

She had been praying for years to God about Revival and the Portals of Heaven opening up in the surrounding area.  Waterford had a significant meaning (Water – rivers of living water, center of the Great Lakes and surrounding areas) but she had no idea it was to be launched in Waterford until she saw me  enter the room. The Lord spoke to her the weekend prior of the interview and send – “all your years of praying and it will now be revealed to you on Monday”…. And on Monday — Sandra did the interview.


The Lord showed her over the years that the area needs to be delivered and healed – the area needs a Deliverer through Christ, the area needs an awakening the flood gates of living water needs to flow…the area needs healing…the area needs Jesus!!


The significance to all this was the life through Stefano — my son who passed away of cancer in 2002!


I moved to Waterford when I was 8 years old.

Stefano was 8 years old when he passed and that is when Sandra was called out to go deeper into the things of God.

Sandra goes back to Waterford after 35 years of never going back (3 + 5)

The year of the building launch is 2018 — there is so much more but – it will have to wait for the book

Then — Sandra opens up Real-estate in the area and the first property that shows up is 1285 1=2=3 is 8 – Double 8’s….

8 is New new new!!

All through this we are getting confirmation after confirmation.  We end up going to see the property the week later on August 26, 2017 – Stefano’s birthday and 2+6 is 8.  The Radio Interviewer meets us there and the Lord continued to speak to all of us during an incredible time together in Him.


Hence – we prayed and God said GO and so we made the deal.  Many many opposing situations the enemy brought but we overcame them all…not without an intense fight though.  We signed the P&S in Sept – put our home up for sale in September but it would not sell — much opposing, but we kept on by faith the vision of God.  It was the 11th hour at the end of December – as we hung on to the word about the Promised Land in December.  It was looking glim. Then we got a call for a showing on December 23th – for Christmas Eve Day…. — our mortgage bank even fell through, but God orchestrated another deal – a better deal… and He performed His word.  On December 30th – our home was sold!!

The promised land is ours in Jesus Name!!