Hebrews 8:5 “See to it that you make everything according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.”

Jesus is the master builder. He is taking His Kingdom to the time foretold of unprecedented authority and glory which produces a beautiful bride to bring in His great harvest. The New Apostolic Reformation is the next step of the plan to bring about the plan. There are certain key steps in moving into the new wineskin.

Here are the key steps that North Palm Global has embraced:

1. Transforming Churches
2. Linking Apostolic Centers
3. Bring Alignment
4. Cover and Network Marketplace Apostles

As churches and senior leaders begin to embrace the new wineskin, North Palm Global is ready to support and assist in the transformation into an Apostolic Center. Then, North Palm Global assists to network the apostolic centers in a region or specific group bringing alignment which always produces transformation, bringing glory and power in a geographical region or sphere of influence. Furthermore, answering the seven mountain mandate, we cover and assist on all seven spheres of societal influence. Also, we work with the marketplace to release kingdom strategies and blueprints.

We offer:

Directional Oversight
Apostolic and Prophetic Schools
Team Building
Regional Conferences
Five Fold Ministry and Activation
Annual Leadership Retreats
Worship Support and Schools
Mission Projects and Retreats
Personal Prophesy
Spiritual Mapping and Identification of Regions

Yet, the most important element of the Network is relationship. We desire to be in relationship with like minded Kingdom People on all seven mountains. We work toward City Transformation on all levels. If you would like to join the North Palm Global Network, please submit an application to northcharlestonapostoliccenter@gmail.com.