The North Palm Global Application may be filled out on this page below, or you may download, print and complete the form and mail to:

North Palm Global
PO BOX 40655
North Charleston, SC 29423

Or Email to:


For more information:
Apostle Mark Estes 843-270-7537 or Apostle David McDonald 808-866-7167

North Palm Global Network Application

For those interested in becoming affiliated with the North Palm Global Network:

North Palm Global is an apostolic network committed to fulfilling the Great Commission through Five Fold Activation, equipping and strengthening leaders and advancing Seven Mountain authority. North Palm Global encourages that all followers of Christ are called to be ministers in their own spheres of influence according to the Seven Mountains of Culture: Family, Religion, Business, Media, Arts/Entertainment, Government and Education.

In addition to apostolic alignment, spiritual covering and monthly mentoring, our members are covered through an organized group of intercessors.

Applicant Information

For Ministerial Licensure Only:


Please provide three references that can speak of your position in ministry:

Please understand that this is an application and North Palm Global will speak with references and interview each applicant personally and where it is necessary the interview will be conducted by telephone. Once approved to be part of the North Palm Global Network, each affiliate agrees to relational oversight and to support financially as the Lord directs.