Greetings from the Land Down Under

Firstly on behalf of Jason and myself I’d like to say thank you to all those who made our visit to the USA, especially to Charleston, such an adventure. We have met and made eternal connections with some of God’s mightiest warriors whom we can truly call friends and family.During our time in the US we had the honor of ministering at several churches. We saw God moving in power and might in every meeting. Each meeting unique and yet simplistically familiar.  When you find people with a genuine hunger for more of God, who will seek Him with an open and contrite heart, desperate to see Him move, you will invariable find that limits are lifted, boundaries are shifted, and territories enlarged as the Holy Spirit moves and the glory of God is manifest.

Below is an excerpt from Ps Rufus Smalls – Harvest Centre Church, Charleston. He shared their Sunday service AFTER our visit.

“Hello Jason and Glenda. We thank you for coming. The Lord blessed our church through you, our Sunday service was awesome. We had a new level of the move of the Spirit. Our singers and minstrels manifested a new anointing, producing a stronger wave. 6 people were born again during the worship. Sunday was obvious of a new impartation.” Ps Rufus Smalls

Hallelujah! We were so encouraged by this report and reminded once again that we plant or we water (or both) but it is God who brings the increase (1Cor 3:7)

This year has been amazing, as has every year we have walked with God to be honest. But the difference this past twelve months has been the speed and the size of the mission and vision into which God has released us Since 2018 we have traveled to Nepal, the Solomon Islands, to the USA, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand to teach, release and equip the saints for ministry as we impart what God has placed so firmly within our hearts.

Jason and I live by faith. We pastor a small (in number but huge in influence) church in a small country town in rural Northwest NSW. In a state that is at this moment in the grip of an extended drought. Times are tough, and yet God calls us to the nations.

There is a mandate from the throne room of heaven to see the church, the bride, rise up, restored and renewed into the magnificent, glorious, beauty that Jesus died for. Men and women, young and old alike living the lifestyle of worship 24/7. Passionately following after Jesus, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, unafraid to be radical, unique and unwavering in her love for God. God’s promise for this year came from 2Kings 4:41 -43 – This is not the season for “either /or” but the season of “and/and”. This is the season of abundant provision to do all that God has called us too. Definition of worship as a lifestyle – “Yes Lord”



The Cost of Misappropriated Power

Apostles Doug and Leah Cromer

Have you ever found yourself in a season where you are utterly worn out, a season that seems to bring little to no productivity no matter how much effort is spent? Believe it or not, many times, this is due to the misappropriation of the power of God. I recently learned a lot about the misappropriation of power when reading about Samson.

Did you know that as a Nazirite, Samson was not supposed to eat or drink of anything grown on the vine and he was not supposed to touch anything dead? (Num 6:1-21) This is very important if we are going to see the true purpose of the power of God that would come upon Samson.

Do you recall where Samson was when the lion roared against him? He was in a vineyard. He was in a forbidden place as he was not supposed to eat or drink of anything on the vine. We read the story of how he ripped the lion apart in two, and we think how amazing his power was. The scripture says the spirit of the Lord came upon him mightily, and then it says he ripped the lion in two. (Judges 14:6)

The issue here is that Samson was not supposed to touch anything dead. As a Nazirite, even if someone suddenly fell dead next to them, they would have to go to the priest, shave their head, and then go through a cleansing process. Not only did he kill the lion, Samson later came back and took honey from inside
the lion’s carcass. Later he killed 30 men for their garments, and even later still we see Samson killing 1000 men with a donkey’s jawbone.

The scripture says the Spirit of the Lord came upon him mightily and the cords that were upon his hands burnt with fire and his hands were loosed (Judges 15:16).

The Spirit of the Lord moving mightily upon Samson was to deliver him not empower him to kill the lion, the 30 men, or the 1000 men. God would not empower him to kill as he was not supposed to be around or touch anything dead. God was empowering him to keep his Nazirite vow, but Samson misappropriated the power. As a result, things and people died. The cost of misappropriating God’s power is death.

Even after his misappropriation, he had a chance to shave his head and make things right, but he did not do it. So God sent someone else to shave it for him. In the end, he was a powerless man without vision that was a grinder in the house of his enemy. In other words, he was making food (flour) for his enemy.

So if you seem to be in a place of lack of vision, lack of productivity, and it seems that nothing you are doing is bringing you results, it could be that you are in a similar place as Samson due to a misappropriation of power. After being captured, Samson was on his knees all day long with no answers to prayer.

The misappropriation of power is one of the key concepts taught in Altered Appetite. We find that our people are fighting the stronghold of food on the wrong battlefield with the wrong weapons. It is one of the master deceptions of the enemy; he roars to get you to spend all your power on the wrong things so you will not use it for its original purpose. To learn more about Altered Appetite and what we are doing, visit


The Power of ~Peace~
Stewarding Peace with Yourself, Peace with Others
and Peace with God“We don’t’ have to work at getting rid of
every stressful situation. We need to
learn how to embrace PEACE” JMDate: Saturday, October 26th
Time: 9:00am – Noon
Cost: Free of Charge
Location: The Grace Center29 Gamecock Ave Ste 101
Charleston, SC 29407

Facilitated By: Diane Arnold, LPC
and Jan Shirey Register On-Line:

What causes us to lose our peace? Lots of things—anxiety, hurt, grief, betrayal, shame, and rejection — to name a few. Having an attitude of peace and rest is our inheritance. In this workshop we will uncover some things in our lives that are stealing our peace and discover ways to steward it in all areas of our lives.