Encouraged.  Empowered.  Enthroned. 

The preparation is complete.  Get ready to be positioned.  This is a new season.
The Kingdom is advancing through you!



Congratulations to our 2019 NCAC Commissioned Apostles:  David Alex Bonilla, Jimmy and Susan Capel, Douglas and Leah Cromer, Richard Gad, Niurka Galarraga, Jason and Glenda Hare, Alison Robinson, Jan Shirey, Frances Taylor
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Apostles David and Carliss Prosser

Apostle David Prosser & I traveled the Southeastern region of Australia on a 6 week mission trip to 9 churches bringing the revelation of who we are in Christ Jesus & His Kingdom spending 1 week per location.

God used us, as we ministered among  the multiple & diverse cultures to a cross-section of ministries. We literally touched the world throughout the South-Eastern region of Australia. Each location & each people-group had differing cultural backgrounds, but all were hungry for God & His Manifest Presence as we ministered in Holy Spirit-led services. Through His Word, Jesus Christ, brought freedom, deliverance and healings in all 9 locations.

1- Innisfail in Queensland-(Aboriginals)

2- Carins in Queensland-(Somoans)

3- New Castle in New South Wales- (Dutch)

4- Tyree in New South Wales-(Uraguay)

5- Grafton in New South Wales- (Australians)

6- Syndney in New South Wales-(Congo)

In Innisfail, we encountered a mature church schooled in the depth of the Word. They experienced on-going revival since 1930 as part of the Welsh Revival. Here Apostle David was able to teach an in-depth revelation of the Word of God resulting in a “Cloud of God’s Revelation” which came into the room. It was both tangible in the Spirit & visible in the natural realm. We dined with one of the Aboriginal Elders, similar to an American Indian Chief, named Timothy Edwards, one of the original Elders involved in the Fire at Pinacle Pocket Revival which continues throughout the nation among the Aboriginal people. Here, Apostle Carliss taught a Prophetic Art class for the Aboriginals.

While in Carins, we visited the churches we currently cover as Apostles, teaching the leadership of differing nations Discipleship-Leadership classes. These ministers were from the Somoan Islands, Fiji, Paupa New Guinea, & New Zealand. We also imparted to Pastors Taupo & Roxanne Rae principles of Church-Governmental-Leadership while in their home. The Raes currently pastor 3 churches. With God direction, they plan to plant 100 more locally & in the Pacific Islands.

Next in New Castle, we stayed with a Dutch couple who oversee 2 churches in 2 seperate towns, Weston & Cardiff. One is in a Salvation Army chapel & the other a community center. These churches have community out-reach to the poor resulting in a continual flow of new, un-saved people. In Weston David preached on “Being Hungry for God & His Manifest Presence,” resulting in the Manifestation of God’s Presence coming among us. The people began groaning in intercessions, laying prostrate on the floor, in laughter of joy, & others became drunk in the Holy Spirit’s “New Wine.” David preached the same message in Cardiff resulting in folk kneeling or on the floor. A Holy hush came among us as God’s Manifest Presence again entered this chapel.  Young adults were set free from drugs & Scitzophrenia, the pastor was healed of melanomia-skin-cancer & others healed, too. While in the pastor’s home we were able to teach them Discipleship-Leadership principles.

We were then taken north to the mountain town, Tyree. We stayied with a Uraganian pastor & his Australian wife in their home located inside the church. David preached a revelatory message  on “How to Posture Yourself for the Glory of God.” We were able to teach the pastor & his wife Governmental-Apostolic Alignment principles necessary for a new church plant. We then ministered in that new church plant in a near-by town, Port McQuary, in a community recreation center.

We went on to Grafton next, where we resided in an Australian home with kangaroos literally in the front yard. David preached on “Posturing Yourself for God’s Glory” and we then imparted to the congregation. On Tuesday Night Prayer Service, we brought Apostolic alignment, encouragement, direction & exhortation to this fractured church. They had dealt with 5 years of hurts & dissappointment due to a leadership failure (Not the main pastors.)  David & I also met with a group of Prophetic Artists who met regularly on a local dairy farm.

On the last leg of our journey, we flew into Sydney to minister to a Congonese church. We stayed next-door to the pastor’s home with a Prussian & Lithuanian couple. After extended worship, David taught on the “Manifestation Presence of God.” The people were fed a sound Word of the Kingdom of God & the “Spirit of Revival,” next prophetic Words were released.  We fellowshiped with the Europeans, both street Evangelists, & revivalists. These people, the Congo Pastor, Francoise, a local pastor & his Oriental wife, met with us askingkneeling us to pray for them & to receive impartation from us before we left for home.

It was truly a blessing to us to be so used of God to further His Kingdom & bring Him glory among each church & people group.


Kingdom Advancement Around the World

Apostles Neal and Diane Arnold in Brazil with President Bolsonaro praying for national reformation.

Apostle David McDonald in Louis Trichardt, South Africa unlocking Kingdom authority and supernatural miracles.

Christians United for Israel
Attending the 14th Christians United for Israel Summit was an unbelievable privilege. Five thousand people, in Walter E. Convention Center, united for Israel was astounding. The conference was jammed packed with speakers of the highest regard.
Frank and Charlotte Seignious from North Palm were chosen to be Congressional Liaisons for District #1 of SC.  Margaret Elliott attended as well representing North Palm Church. Frank with his Apostolic DNA, Charlotte with her Pastoral gift, and Margaret with her Prophetic gifting, the three of us are a team who has warred together for justice and truth continue our battle march in the heavenlies.
The conference began on Sunday night 5pm, July the 7th, being an introduction to pre-summit events. Such topics as The Forgotten Jewish Refugees, What Happens in the Middle East Does Not Stay in the Middle East, CUFI’s Legislative Efforts, Shine the Light by Holocaust Survivor and Historian, Irving Roth.
The organization was expecting protestors. As part of our instructions, we were told if protestors come into the convention center to shout “Israel Lives, Israel Lives” over and over until authorities remove them from the center.
CUFI was established to put teeth into words. It is an action group not just a support group. In order for the state of Israel to benefit from our coming alongside them, we have to provide action. The entire purpose for the Summit was to be informed by highly official leaders, to be prepared with a strategy, and empowered to make our appeals to the elected officials on Capitol Hill.
Team:  Frank  Seignious  –   Congressional  Liaison  –  SC  District # 1 –  Joe  Cunningham
 Charlotte  Seignious –   Congressional  Liaison  –  SC  District # 1 –  Joe  Cunningham
Margaret  Elliott –   Strategic  Level  Prophetic  Strategist  –  Charleston   &   SC

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