Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Revival House of Glory Apostolic Center Report – CANADA!
It is an intense time in the things of the Kingdom and the Lord said, “Get ready for the intensity is coming and My people that are hungry for Me and willing to sacrifice it all will see the manifested Glory of God”.
Well, we took that Word from the Lord very seriously and we knew that was us … hungry and willing to sacrifice it all and serve unto Him to see His glory manifested in the region that He brought us into.  We knew it was not going to be easy, and the fire is hot and the coals sometimes burn us, but greater is He in us than He that is in the world and we stand and keep moving and show ourselves approved under the blanket of the Fire of God.
It has been one year to the day (June 2018) since we stepped into the promised land and built and launched the Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Revival House of Glory Apostolic Center in the region of Norfolk County in Ontario Canada.  Our healing and miracle encounters have been growing with people coming from near and far to receive all that God has for them.  We have had many come as spectators to see for themselves what this is all about, but have left in a new light, healed, delivered and set free from years of sickness, and oppression!!  People will come from afar to watch us burn for Him and they get infused with the Fire of God and don’t leave the same.
In January of 2019, we also launched our Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Kingdom Church – where we now also gather every Sunday morning for Worship Service.  People come and people go, but we are not giving up…. We have found that religious mind sets are strong in this area, and silos have overtaken the body of believers, however it is changing, and people are hearing and are starting to cry out for more of God.  We are releasing an awakening of the apostolic and prophetic atmospheres and igniting God’s people into their destinies.  One transformed heart can change the world!
We also offered our first “School of Deliverance” this past April which was a two-day conference packed with training, teaching, and equipping the body of Christ about “Effective and Balanced Deliverance to Get the Results of Jesus”!  We had a great turn out with over 40 people in attendance and many traveled up to 6 hours to get to the Apostolic Center.
In May, Apostle Sandra also travel-led with one of the team members to Reunion Island – a French Colony off the coast of Madagascar and South Africa to do a 13-day crusade in 7 different churches and a Women’s Conference with over 500 women in attendance.  This is now the second year there, and the Fire of God was so powerful that they have asked Sandra to come back again this summer to do another conference in the Paris, France area.  God is on the move!
We also have our upcoming “Understanding the Prophetic” Conference coming up June 7/8 where Apostle Angela Henderson and Apostle Alex Bonilla will be coming to Canada and training and teaching and bringing a powerful impartation with them to our great Nation and our Apostolic Center… will be transformational and life changing! We are pliable and teachable, and we want more!!
We have our second Women’s Conference and our first Men’s Conference lined up at the Apostolic Center for July and September 2019 and many other doors opening to usher in the greater glory as this is the time for revival in this Nation!  We have been set ablaze and are on fire for God…. An intense time indeed of realignments to ensure the Vision of God is synchronized to the frequency of heaven and that we are staying in tune with Him to see heavenly results.
Come visit us in Canada — we would love to have you and we thank you all for your continued love, support and fervent prayers!!  It’s an intense time, but a good time to be part of His Kingdom assignments!
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Freedom Fellowship: Uganda Missions 2019
Currently there are over 20 participants from the US and Australia taking part in this years Mission to Uganda. Our focus is on training leaders and visiting and meeting the needs of village churches. With the soon completion of the Ministry Center we will begin to train the local Pastors and have them complete the mandated training required recently by the government to maintain the status as church leaders.
We will be going to the northern part of Uganda to meet with our churches near the South Sudan border. These ministries work with some of the 250,000 refugees from South Sudan and they have even began planting churches in South Sudan. We are also raising monies for the completion of the ministry center in Mbale. We have already raised enough money to buy 5 motorbikes for the regional leaders to assist them in traveling to the village churches to provide support and training.
We will also be providing food and school supplies to the orphans and widows of these communities as we travel through the country. We ask that you would keep us in prayer throughout our trip which is September 4th- 20th.God Bless,
Together in His service,Apostle Ki Coleman