Mark and Patricia Estes – Senior Apostles

Mark and Patricia Estes are catalysts for city unity among churches and are great examples for leading five fold ministries on the seven mountains of societal influence.  They have been the Senior Pastors of a multicultural congregation, North Palm Church, for over 25 years.  Mark and Patricia are both ordained Bishops and are founders of North Palm Global.  Having ministered in many countries and in conferences with thousands of people, both find their hearts drawn to finding the gold in people and leading them in discipleship.  They are now building an apostolic hub to resource the new wine being poured out in preparation for the great harvest.  Mark is a dynamic teacher of the word and has written many curriculum’s that are used to build the body of Christ. Patricia flows in a prophetic anointing and is gifted in organization and strategy to build the Kingdom. She is Founder and CEO of Kingdom Consulting. Mark and Patricia have been happily married for 35 years and have three children, Stephen who at 19 years old was moved from earth to heaven, Deborah who is married to James (Jimmy) Hong and Anna.

David and Dee McDonald – Network Apostles

David and Dee McDonald have dedicated their lives to build networks for the Kingdom. Originally from South Africa, David and Dee attended the Rhema Bible School and graduated with a certificate of Ministry.  David flows in a dynamic prophetic gift and along with Dee has served as Senior Pastors of churches in South Africa, Australia and the United States. David has traveled to over 40 nations, teaching and training church leaders.  He has founded training centers in South Africa, Uganda and Kenya that supports national pastors and hosts an annual conference where over 500 National Pastors receive much needed ministry and refreshment. Over the years David has been asked to father many Pastors. Recently David has been assisting churches to become apostolic centers. David and Dee serve as Network Apostles with North Palm Global and along with assisting to build a new wine network in the Apostolic Reformation also offers Schools of the Prophetic and Apostolic. David and Dee have been married for 29 years and blessed with three children, Jonathan who is married to Stacey and have just had their first child Josie and live in Australia. Daniel, their second child lives in Hollywood, California and Gabriella who is in her second year of Bethel School of Supernatural Discipleship.

Keith and Angela Henderson – Network Apostles

Keith and Angela Henderson are team players that have helped transition churches from the Church age to the Kingdom age.  Keith and Angela are Marketplace Apostles as well.  They own their own Real Estate and Investment company, Paradigm Homes and Investments, LLC as well a partnership franchise with Fortune Practice Management coaching dentists to reap the greatest financial rewards possible.  Angela is an author of “Run For Your Life” and a coaching company, Mountain Mile Ventures, Ltd.  Angela is founder of Uplift Ministries, a dynamic team of Prophets. Keith has served as a senior Levite and has been instrumental in rising a generation of Levites to serve leading others into the presence of the Lord.  Keith presently serves as the CFO of North Palm Church where they have co-labored with Mark and Patricia Estes for 25 years and are now also Network Apostles with North Palm Global.  Keith and Angela have been married for 28 years and have three children, Zachery, Lance and Meredith as well as a grandchild, Connor.

David and Carliss Prosser – Network Apostles

David and Carliss are jewels that have served the Kingdom as pioneers and have assisted many to walk in the new wineskin.  Both David and Carliss accepted Jesus as children and have been seekers ever since that time.  David began preaching shortly after high school and has served as a church planter, senior pastor, teacher, missionary and itinerate minister.  David walks in a great prophetic calling. Over the last twelve years they have led Encounter Services where people experience the supernatural manifestations of heaven.  Carliss is a well trained and anointed artist.  Having completed degrees in graphics and the arts, she has also taken this training into the spiritual realm with prophetic art ministry. Carliss has also served on the mission field in various capacities.   As network apostles with North Palm Global, David and Carliss will be serving our network of Pastors in South Africa, Uganda and Australia.

David & Carliss have been married for 18 years. They have two grown children, Zachary and Monica & 3 grandchildren. Kyle, Georgia, and Drew. All reside in the Charleston area

Neal and Diane Arnold – Network Apostles

Neal and Diane Arnold are Kingdom Leaders who desire to see the fullness of God’s glory displayed in greater measure in the body of Christ.  Their heart is to help usher in the supernatural healing, prophetic and love of God in each of us.  Neal and Diane are leaders who have served in the church in teaching and prayer ministry.  Diane is a licensed Christian Counselor and operates in gifts healing, worship, words of knowledge, restoring the hearts of marriages and families who have experienced trauma. Along with being in private practice she is also the co-founder of The Grace Center, a healing and prayer training center.  In this ministry, she is focused on inner healing, restoration of the Father’s heart and developing prayer ministers to send back into churches. Neal is a marketplace apostle with a strong prophetic anointing.  He has spent many years leading the transformation of companies and teaching business people leadership skills.  Although very successful on the mountain of business, his greatest success is bringing contagious hunger for more of God’s presence.  Neal and Diane have had the great fortune to participate in several revival moves of God.  They have participated in missions in inner cities as well as in Mozambique.  Neal and Diane reside in Charleston, SC and have three adult sons: Matthew, Zachary and Jacob.

Deborah Estes Hong – Worship Apostle

Deborah is a passionate worshipper of God that feels the greatest satisfaction in going into the secret place, experiencing God on a new level and then leaving to lead others into that place.  Deborah has served as a worship leader in the local church as well as citywide events, regional and even national events. She is co-founder of the non-profit organization Revive the Holy City which works on bringing the city together for prayer and worship events.  A graduate of the College of Charleston majoring in International Studies, Deborah loves the diversity of the Kingdom and dreams of city transformation being the norm.  She is married to a Marine and business Entrepreneur, James Hong.